Be nice until you Cant

When people threaten you. They want one of 3 things
1) your possessions - money, car, phone, shoes
2) Information
3) your body - for raping , maiming or murder

I teach you to comply first if they want money or your car give it to them.

If at all possible, take the money out of your wallet and hand it over (this mean you dont lose your ID, personal details, bank cards or even your photos.)

If they take your whole wallet or purse you will need to cancel cards and maybe change locks. Small price to pay.

They decied they want your car and the kids are in it, different story. Now you may need to get them out or fight to save them.

They want to take you away to another location. Even if around the corner to the ATM. Its time to fight.

and the time to act is before it becomes an attack. comply as much as you can. Start setting them up to make you move. In threat generally they are at rest, you start moving they will need to see you action, pause think (even for split second) then react. So time is with you.

If threaten comply first
If the threat goes bad act fast before its an attack.
Then stun and run. Scan as you leave in case they or they attack.

we practice comply, we practice run and we practice devastating tactics. We talk, we give them money, we do the stuff that get us home safe.