Control first not bash ém

We teach a lot about control

Why you ask, we deal with security and transit guards who need it for their job.

And one of the most common occurances is incidents that happen at family gathering.  Where friends may have had one too many festive drinks or broke up with girl friend or lost job.  So they lash out or start a fight.

Now I dont want to punch my friend out or knock out my sister boyfriend (even if he's being a dick). Not only may it result in a trip to the hospital, answer to the law, but may also result in lost friendships and unrepairable relationships.  I dont need that and students dont need that. 

So we teach control principle. Yes there is place for strikes and kicks, if you are looking for control the odd strike or kick can be inserted as we transition to control.

Control is also a great method of breaking a fight, moving the fight outside or even used for rescue rescue techniques.

Now we dont have lots of moves, we only have a few, we drill the so you dont forget, can use them under pressure and move from one to another when you get the "what if.......?" question.  We also show you how to use them in different situations

We start again on 12th jan and we will be looking at fundamentals
Basic strikes, blocks and controls
Learn the helmet best technique for not getting knocked out int he first 3 seconds (so good i have used it muay thai, mma, bjj, self defence and even taught to kids for anti bullying)
Learn how to use footwork to increase striking power so even girls can hit hard and we teach you open hand techniques so you dont break a nail
Learn what to do when they start to break out of the control, where to go next. And how to get back to the helmet if it turns into a shit storm.
Learn some basic kick counters
learn some basic combo attacks and how to counter them.

Pictured below the helmet and the harness
come and learn them both