on the ground is just standing laying down....

The guy is on top of you and 2 things happen.  He starts to rain punches, forearms or elbow down on you.  Or He starts to wrestle, tear your head off, choke you silly or even try to break your arm (ok maybe hes watches too much UFC) or rip you clothes off, grope you or rape you.

We need to escape. And do it fast.
Our primary objective is to get to bicycle kick or get up to escape.

Our Best Friend on the ground is elbows and knees.

Just because we are on the ground, doesnt mean that the stuff we do standing up doesnt work. It means you need to train to use it on the ground.

The below moves has lots of names, At Streetsmarts Self Defence Tactics we call first one - the shell and second one - the cover. They are not new in fact they have been around in boxing, kick boxing , muay thai and fighting for thousands of year.

Design to protect your knock out triangle (temple, jaw and chin).
Now turn the picture sideways, you are under the guy who dropping big bombs trying to knock you out. Before you can do anything you need to survive the first 3-5 seconds onslaught.

 We train you to use this move to weather the storm, then show you how to use elbows and knees ( to allow you create space, movement and/or pain - and your attacker shifts pretty quickly when you target area like inner thighs groin and lower back) and some very basic wrestling and ground fighting moves to get you in the bicycle kick position or allow you to escape.