Carry Situations

How you carry stuff will be important in your defence.

I am walking out of herb graham centre.  I was aware of rather loud and obnious people near the front door.

Then I notice the way i was carrying things, back pack slung over left shoulder, ipad and newspaper in right hand.  Effectively neutralising both hands.

Quickly switched ipad and newspaper to left hand to free up the right.
Hurried to escape area thinking i need to put the back pack on proper.
It  was a low threat, easily avoided.

How you carry thing may effect your defensive capabilities.

If at all possible pack you gear in back pack to leave hand free.
Dont sling the back pack on only one shoulder, means the pack is in the way if you get in fight and makes it more difficult to run away as it swings around.

Be aware of you surroundings and be aware of yourself and the way you are carrying objects.
To be aware is to be alive.