Eyes eyes eyes

 One of the most devastating attack you use is to the eye
I have joke we have iPhone, iPads well now I bring you ipoke comes in 5 versions.
I commonly like to teach the five finger spear that's using all five spayed fingers to poke the eye
Does it matter which on goes in, and it gives you five chances to get it in the eye.
Have you ever accidentally poked yourself in the eye you know the reaction you get,it hurts.
People will often flinch even if doesn't go in, allowing you to escape or hit with another weapon palm strike another ipoke knee what ever.
Other things I teach that mess with the eyes and face
irake, igouge, face masher and the shredder
I did not invent these ( ok I invent the names ipoke irake igouge) this are skills I have been taught that I pass on
This techniques devastately effective,life saving and highly destructive. Can be done by anyone regardless of size or strength.
Practise ipoke for one minute a day so it becomes automatic ( you cannot master techniques by not doing them, think of any skill or sport you learn by doing)
Role play with friends ( don't actually poke them in the eyes) and mentally rehearse
Ipokes helping you be you own bodyguard