Fear is a natural part of life.
We have three responses - Freeze, Flight and Fight

You get put under pressure, your brain goes hold on what do i do.  You are Frozen
How do we overcome the Freeze mode. Training, and more Training.
I asked a several do you know what to do if your car skids out of control.  There couldnt tell me.  I ask several people that like to fast cars, like to drive fast and know skid defence.

And for you information - its steer into the skid, release brake to allow wheel to rotate, apply foot brake in small bursts and if required apply hand brake.  Only difference - Training.

Flight - thats where you run like hell and get out of there.  Dates back to the day of the dinosuars a scary T-Rex is looking to make you a tasty snack you dont stay around to see what going to happen. You run.  I always say this si not a ufc fight or a boxing match you dont have to stay for 3 rounds.  Stun and run.  We train you to run, people get shell shocked and dont move or know how to strike and kick but not what to do next and that next bit is run.

Instructors are human too.  When I go to training camps and seminars. Me and other instructors are often told to keep your hand up, move your feet and run and scan the area.  so running needs training too.

Fight - if you havent done the one above, and you cant de - escalate the situation.  You are now in fight mode. We need simple, easy to learn, hard to forget, can practise this in a few minutes highly effective tactics.  That are combat ready and battle proven.  You are under attack, you have only gross motor skill, tunnel vision, adrenelin dump and rapid heart beat.  You do not what to add something that complex into the mix.  If you have done training the freeze is gone, you can safe flee and know you can defend yourself.  You will do what ever you have been trained to do. 

I have what is call the 2 minute self defence move.  The ipoke.  Spread fingers, jab in eyes. Best result comes from repeated practise.  One of the best time at traffic lights, do 5-10 on each hand.
A friend wanted to come to class, didnt have the time.  I saw her off at the airport, taught her this and run.  Told her to practise 2 minutes a day.  She was travelling around Europe for 3 months and she used it 3 times.  Practised every day. 

Training overrides the Freeze mode and help the Flight mode and give you Fight mode.
The Fear is still there, just controlled.

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