you promised this.... to yourself

and the calender flipped over another year

and once gain you promised yourself that you would get fit

and some people have even thought about learning self defence

so make your safety your new years resolution
and as an added bonus you get basic fitness

Dr John Tickel said to get fit you first need to start to move, any movement, just move and that movement should be 7-10 minutes duration

are you prepared for a violent encounter

in western australia an attack happen about every 2 minutes
thats 30 an hour
about 720 a day
5,040 a week
262,080 a year in perth that about one in every five people
an that the one we know about and we are not counting bullying

catch public transport there were 10,000 report anti social behaviors on perth bus, trains and ferrys are you prepared
thinking of travelling in 2012 the rates are much higher in other places be you own body guard

we are not a martial art it does not take years to learn
want basic self defence what if i said you could learn base skills in 12- 15 lesson
that one class a week for 3 months

sorry i dont have the time?
great get together with some friends, we go down to the local park or your backyard and spend 90 minutes learning to survive

be smart be aware be ready be safe