I don't have years...

What we teach is accelerated learning, we teach basic skills and try to give you high number of repetitions. Better to know one move well than hundreds of moves half hearted

This also mean very little thinking. It works like this there is stimulus you pause think and respond. The objective is is to shorten the pause space. Something happens and you respond instantly.

You are riding you bike you see a rock in the way, if you are just beginning to ride you may hit it, after a while you would know to go around it and have the skills to do that, and if you learnt even more skills you jump over it. You need to make the decision to do so fast.

The reason we work so well is that we teach simple skill set
In that way we can give someone with zero skills tactics to use in the first class. They just follow the pattern.

For instance let's look at the most common street attack ( for angles of attack see last weeks blog) I teach you block and then eye poke or for the modern generations ipoke
Now if you know nothing you just do and practise what I modelled over and over for two minutes it makes path way in your mind. Someone throws a punch or tries to slap you, same angle of attack, you do block and eye poke

Now as you learn more you have more to choose from you could punch, heel of palm strike, elbow or knee. But that can increase our thinking time, especially for beginners.

More advanced people don't think their just act or react. That training and its easy to start out practicing just one or two techniques. How do you get in automatic many repetitions.

And yes we are learning fast by repeating, when you don't have years to practise skills you need to be able to master them quickly you don't need complex or complicated moves that you have to think about you don't have time.

When you life is on the line it has to work first time every time
It need to be simple and easy to learn
It need to be highly effective and take minimial effort to keep skills current