Angles of attack

A haymaker, a bottle to the side of you head, a knife slash to side of your neck, a swing at your head with a baseball bat and slap to the cheek all all the same

That is the same angle of attack

Good news is we don't have to spend hours learning different defences for. Punch or knife or stick or brick we just learn the defence for the angle of attack

Attacks come in two forms
Either round or straight

Round techniques include slaps, hooks, uppercuts, haymakers, knife slashes and bat swings
Straights include jab cross heel of palm, eye poke, knife thrusts and charging someone

Kicks can also be round or straight

Think of a clock each number represents different angle including the spot in the middle where the hands go this is the straight techniques
We only need to know how to defend the high angle that is the angles 1,2,3,9,10,11,12 the low angle 4,5,6,7,8 and the straight down the centre

I like to teach only 2-3 different defenses to each angle

Why I hear you ask
Under pressure with a lot going on you need to make a decision about tactic to use and you don't have time for a long pause to think about
By training in in only a couple if techniques you have less to decide and as we train we cut that down to you just acting against the angle of attack

Now with only one angle let's say the most common right handed haymaker angle your ten o'clock that is round towards you left ear the options you have are helmet, double two handed block or single arm block when then train over and over until you can do these under pressure without thinking
Does it matter which one you use no pick and go most you will just react without thinking
Like when someone throws something at you unexcitedly and you either flinch or catch it
An automatic response
Just like any sport think about you train to do certain movement
Take Aussie rules you train when you get the ball to run, kick, handball or dodge
Which one you choose depends on the situation you are in the clear open goal you run then kick, you mark the ball and friend runs past you handball over the top and shepard, you pick up the ball a guy tries to tackle you dodge and kick towards the wing

We think only of angles of angle and deal with that don't need it a fist do this it's hand do this its a kick do this it's a knife do something else it's a angle 10 do this
There a few different things depending on situation
You may block then strike , run away or grab the weapon hand but we started the same