A fight is dynamic

stop start is not the way to train

you are given a technique you practise the basic moves, however many people dont take it to the next level
no one ever just throw one strike they use multiple combos
a drill that i learnt from the filopino stick fighting is about going with the flow that you have to continue on you cant stop to analyise what happen because the next strike is on the way

so they have the attacker do a basic pattern say a high strike left , a high strike right, a low strike left and low strike right.
you know whats coming however the attack just keeps running the pattern at a steady pace (faster if you are more experienced) and you dont stop regardless of what the defender does they miss a strike and get whacked dont stop just throw the next strike even if the defender is under pressure and defense is falling down you dont stop the defender need to get it right and no time to stop and think there is another strike (anaylise when you have finished)
next level steady pace random strikes ( start slow and build up) teaches combations and defence against the randomness this is the real world people attack in lots of different ways. we dont stop just keep the fight going
a fight is dynamic and only stops when someone is seriously hurt and/or dead you need to keep going until you can safely escape and return home