Mixed Martial Arts is not Street Fighting

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thanks to - Interneational Society of close Quarters Combatants ISCQC

Here are 5 things they don’t tell you about mixed martial arts…

1. Mixed martial arts cage fighting does not equal “street fighting”

Although blood can be spilled in the cage, the padded mat and rails are softer than concrete sidewalks or brick walls.
Throw in other street hazards like broken glass or icy sidewalks and think of the many challenges MMA fighters DON’T face in the cage.

2. You’re likely to have more than one opponent……and he’s armed!

If you’ve stepped into the cage or ring, you’re going to face someone roughly the same size. He won’t be carrying a gun, knife or bat.
Violent street confrontations have multiple attackers that quickly complicate things. If you apply a submission hold to one; chances are another guy is kicking you in the back of the head.

3. You don’t know when your next fight is!

The jerk that’s demanding your wallet while waving a knife in your face didn’t call you six weeks ago to schedule this mugging. You’ll be in a surprise mind set with adrenaline and cortisol running through your veins as your heart rate skyrockets.
You never know when you’ll be attacked – your training must prepare you for this moment.

4. There’s no paycheck in street fighting!

You’re fighting for your life!
This is good news as you’re truly motivated to survive a violent encounter in the street as “losing” is NOT an option.

5. There are NO RULES in a real street fight!

The rules of engagement in the street are “anything goes”. There are NO rules, no referees, no corner men or trainers to prepare you for the next round.
There’s only the “present” in a real street fight.

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