IF you dont want your friends to squirt with the hose then come to class

At Ern Halligay rec camp having just come off a full day of paddling training washing down the boats

you know what that means
a water hose and what do you do with a hose squirt people
what do people do when that happens try to avoid getting wet and get the hose to get the attacker wet

the natural reaction was
move control destroy

yep what a battle plan
move around to avoid getting wet(funny because we had all just come from a swim) hide behind someone, or something even move out s range of the water

get control of the hose or the person
quickly kink the hose to shut off the water so you dont get wet or grab the nozzle end so they can direct it at you

destroy (and these is where they need my class)
attempt to take away the hose so they can return the soaking
some leverage and disarms would have been ideal to gain the weapon.. oops i mean hose

ok they where not tryingto harm the other person just give them a snoot full of water
and all in goood fun

ok this is not as life or death situation
but without training
the move control destroy principle were at work

even in playtime its still works
he who has the hose can wet everyone else