thing to consider in a the real world

1. More than ONE attacker (whether you see more than one aggressor or not).

2. ALL attackers are ARMED (whether you see a weapon or not).

3. ANY attacker you may face is a SUPERIOR fighter (in terms of size,
strength, fitness, youth, experience and skill).

4. ANY aggressor willing to lay a hand on you, or even verbally threaten you is

5. NO stranger OR potential threat should EVER be allowed to enter your
personal safety zone without being CHALLENGED (to reveal intent) or
STOPPED IMMEDIATELY(if within touching distance)

6. ANY and ALL tactics, training and “technique” must be “workable” under
conditions of poor visibility, poor terrain, obstacle strewn and unfamiliar
environment, physical distress, injury, exhaustion and while having to protect

reference core combat training syllabus
a street attack is not pretty is ugly in the worst case scenario situation my job give you skill to turn in you into you own body guard

be aware be safe