you are avoiding the fight or escaping after having to lay down some strike or kicks

as you get out of there you need to keep you awareness high

and look around

you are looking for 3 thing

environment - exit and object that you trip over or run into ie the couch or someones hand baf

people - other peopel that want to hurt you, people that can help you police officer or security or even people that can back you up or friends and family that you need to protect and get them out of the situation

improvised weapons - what can you find weapons come in 4S's and 2F's

stick long shafted weapons brooms bats tongs spanners tyre irons etc

sharps that cut or stab knifes ax swords pens broen glass

shields large objects that we can use to position between us and them bags books plastic chairs and even the kitchen table ( no you are not going to pick it up but you can run onto the other side so the attacker must go over around or through to get to you buying you time to escape)

stone small items that we can throw or use in our hands to smash the attacker adding power mug water bottle cd candle phone

flexible item that we can whip abd swing such things as rope chains belts shirts and even necklaces

fires things anything that shoots stuff bows pistols guns rifles shot guns slingshot spear gun in australia you are unlikely to run into to many of these

so i am backing away from situation looking for an exit, avoiding furniture, gather weapons checking for more attacker, get my friends out and looking for assistance

with all that to do remember to train this as well as you blicks strikes and kicks