only one rule

i have only one rule

why so peopel will remember it


move out of the way step off line get out of the way out flank them
control block deflect stop grab hold spin push pull
destroy punch kick takedown strike bite

there are a number of techniques we can use
i like to keep it simple and show people how to put these moves/ tactics together in various ways

3 key elements
to all of this
defence and

not attack or offense

footwork or body movement lets us move set up the defence or attack and even escape
defence if you are knocked out or injuried you can do nothing else
breathing under stress you take short shallow breathe depriving the brian of oxygen stopping it from thinking or the body from operating

destroy can be dialled up and dialled down this is a law enforcement term
you dont need to shoot a fly with a cannon

think for a moment
you best is a little upset at losing his job and is a little pissed off at the sunday family bbq
he just need to be taken aside to calm down and talk things out
we dont need to smash with multiple highly lethal strikes
we may just need to pull him away with an arm hold

we have a intruder welding a knife and trying to stab us threatening to rape or kill us
an arm hold not the best option

police use a ladder of force
highest rung lethal force shoot to kill
excessive force maiming and highly injurious tactics
middle rung enough force strike kicks and punches including use of pepper spray and tazers
next step up grappling holds, pins and locks
lowest rung talking and resolving with non voilence

ok this is very simple
the situation depends on where we may start
guy swearing and being a nuisance lowest level
he get aggressive and starts to push people around so we dial it up use arm controls to stop him pushing others
he starts to cry and sits down we dial it down and talk to him again
then again maybe he escalates to punching people you dial it up

you are confronted with an intruder in you bedroom smashing you over the head with a baseball bat you may start in the middle or excessive level

you are soldier the enemy is shooting at you bullets are flying you shoot to kill

at each rung there is diferent tactic to use, with different results, depending on the level of force used

lets say you have 3 techniques to use at each level
that some 15 techniques you need to master
regardless what you use
its still move control destroy just the level changes
and training will help you decide what to use

more on move control destroy nest blog........

be aware be safe be ready