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ISR Matrix are presenting a number of courses across Australia in 2011. Established in Florida in 1996 by veteran Police trainers and MMA coaches and distilled through 15 years of research, development and operational feedback, ISR Matrix’s unique approach sets a new benchmark in operational safety training.

The instructor for the Australian courses is a highly regarded training specialist with almost two decades experience in operational and training roles across Policing, Security, Corrections and the Military, having trained numerous agencies within Australia and overseas and certified in dozens of use of force systems worldwide.

As seen at Tactical Week Australia, Australian Warrior Expo and Land Warfare Conference. As reviewed in Blitz, Contact, Police Down Under, ACAP, SWAT, MMA Sports, Blackbelt & Response Australia Magazine:
* Canberra - 26-28 Feb 2011
* Sydney - 2-4 Apr 2011
* Auckland New Zealand - 8-10 Apr 2011
* Melbourne - 30 Apr - 01 May 2011
* Perth - 14-16 May 2011
* Adelaide - 4-6 Jun 2011 TBC
* Gold Coast- 18-20 Jun 2011TBC
* Townsville - 6-8 Aug 2011
* Darwin - TBA
* Alice Springs - TBA
* Hobart - TBA

ISR Matrix Physical Management Subject Control Course
24 hours intensive training over 3 days and the core of everything we do. Successful completion of this course is a must for enrolment in the Instructor Development Program and specialist modules.

Day 1&2
* History and Origins of ISR Matrix
* Strategic Point of View & Trained Course of Action
* Overview of the ISR Matrix PM, LE and AF systems
* Overview of the ISR training methodology
* Introduction, Isolation and Integration of Intercepting and Stabilising Skills: Forklift, Helmet, Dive, Arm Drag, 2 on 1 Escort, Wrist Weave, Seatbelt, Harness, Body Lock, Shake the Blanket, Under hook and Pike, The Triple Threat Takedowns, Knee and Ankle Trip
* Environmental and situational awareness and control

Day 3
* Revise Days 1 & 2 and introduce increased resistance.
* Introduction to Resolution: - the “S” position, arm wrap, knee ride, back mount with rides, handlebar, resolution for cuffing
* Integration of Day 1,2 & 3 skills against alive resistance during progressive evolutions including multiple subjects and confined spaces if applicable
* Introduction to confined space tactics if applicable
* Environmental and situational awareness and control

Seminar Rates
4 hour seminar: $75 civilian, $60 LE/MIL
2 day seminar: Civilian: $299 LE/MIL: $299
3 day seminar: Civilian: $399 LE/MIL: $349
Early bird rate closes 8 weeks before seminar - for payments made in full:
Save up to $50 and get a free t-shirt: $249 - 2 days $349 - 3 days

ISR Matrix Law Enforcement and Armed Forces Courses, including Workplace Affiliate Instructor Programs are available to approved agencies on request.
ISR Matrix LE/AF Instructor Development Course late 2011-2012. Restricted enrolment: For existing ISR Matrix students employed as Trainers in Law Enforcement or Military agencies and instructors within approved agencies currently utilising ISR Matrix tactics.
Practical Content: Revision, review, recertification of all ISR Matrix Subject Control and Weapons Retention skills, key points, common faults and training methodology, ISR Matrix conceptual structure. Training methodology updates and discussions ISR Matrix tactical problem solving - complex environments, vehicle extractions, paddy wagon extractions, cell extractions, confined spaces, team tactics, vehicle combatives and more. Introduction to ISR Matrix Clinch with Cloth, Attached Striking, Water Combatives, long gun and tactical team considerations.
Instructors summit:
Professional networking and discussions with experienced instructors from numerous agencies utilising the ISR Matrix, trouble shooting OHS, legal and related issues should they arise. Status of ISR Matrix techniques and methodology within various agencies around the world. Discussions regarding USA POST accreditation, accreditation with various Australian agencies, status of various ISR related training manuals and benchmarking of ISR training across Australian agencies. Outline pathways to ISR Matrix LE and AF instructor and specialist module training.
LEAF IDP location and dates: TBA - If your agency is interested in hosting or if you are interested in attending please contact us.

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