it christmas time and that means...

we go to parties

did you know lots of attacks and sexual assaults happen in familiar locations like a friends house and often by someone you know

alcohol is flowing freely
someone has one two many
and now hes a little agro
or had a bad day at work due to increased pressure before the holiday season
sees an opportunity where you are alone or miss read the signals or innocent flirting
and is now pressing you against the wall or thrown you on the bed

we also travel home from partys
either catch a lift with a friend or take taxi or ride public transport
now more dynamics are added to the mix

you are in the car and arrive at your house he reaches over to kiss you you aint interested but he think thats why you accepted the ride

four guys on the train are looking for trouble and you are and your girl friend are sitting by yourself guard dealling with someone else
they want some money and slap your face hard or grab you
you have about 10 seconds
the guard hasnt seen you are in trouble and a stationis fast approaching they will be gone maybe with you too

if they just want money comply give them the money such thing can be replaced
but they may want to hurt you its a sick game that people play or may sexual assult and rape you need to fight back

never go to another location
bite punch scratch pull hair kick scream
and keep fighting until you can safety escape dont stop thrashing about
go nuts fight like a tiger
go for the eyes legs groin fingers and bite them
yes you may get hit and even hurt
that nothing to scars and trauma of sexault assault

but just like driving a car you dont just hop in the driver seat one day and drive like a formula racing driver it take s time and practise to develop skill

but hes a friend i dont want to hurt him
did you know i can show you various way to control someone without hurting them but providing you or other from getting hurt and allowing you to escape

the stuff police and security use to remove people or even just to protect themselves

ba aware leave fast stay safe