is it simple easy to learn and effective

first thing to ask does the technique work under pressure of an attack
i do not claim to have invented any techniques i use only the ones that work

a few simple techniques better than lots of moves
i love the eye poke i can teach it about 30 seconds you can practice daily for 30 seconds and itseasy to apply
if you have to think about the technique you either need more training or its to complex
who thinks they could stick a finger(s) in an eye
complex mean time delay and delay could mean injury or death
while you mess around with a cmplex technique your attacker is still attacking

For you to survive in street fighting self defense scenarios, your response must follow these 3 street fighting self defense technique principles

Your Self Defense Techniques

Must Be Easy And Fast To Learn! Fancy moves and complicated self defense techniques take a long time to become skilled in. The simpler your self defense techniques are, the faster you’ll be able to learn them and the easier it will be to actually use it in when you have to defend yourself.

Your Self Defense Techniques Must WorkUnder The Stress Of A Real Street Fight!
Your body is armed with an important survival mechanism called your “fight or flight” response. When you sense danger, your  system dumps the hormone adrenaline into your veins to give you near superhuman strength to either fight back or run away. One of the side effects of this natural response is that your fine motor skills stop working.
Therefore, your self defense techniques must use natural, gross motor skills to be used for street fighting.

Your Self Defense Techniques Must Reach Their Target Quickly! The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Your self-defense technique, in a street fighting situation, has to be that direct.
For example, in the shirt grab scenario, you can counterattack simply by throwing a palm heel strike straight into your opponent’s face. This self defense technique isn’t fancy and it may not look like something from a kung fu movie, but that’s the point. It uses a lightning fast straight line strike to take the fight to your attacker.

(info taken from and adapted

in a 12 week training course for military apart from everything else you have to learn hand to hand combat as well as physical training, weapons usages and cleaning, team tactics, military law and methods na d bunch of others things
they dont have 3 years to get someone ready they have a couple hours a week
it need to be simple easy to learn and devastately effective as their life is on the line