ISR matrix review

As a self defence instructor we spend a lot of time and money doing seminars and getting dvd to increase our own training, get more info and just get training to review stuff we have already learnt

I always have police and security officers come for training and even just ask questions
they are governed by rules
they dont get to run away like the average person and they also can be seen using strikes and kicks unless in extreme danger

I was introduced to ISR matrix while looking for seminar to pertake in
I can spend some where in the range of $2000 a year to attend seminars, that does not include that often they are in the eastern states so you require  flights, accommodation and food.
this does not include the several martial arts seminar that i attend each year as well.

So i did the research on ISR matrix  background, why it was formed, history
Why because there are  lot of cowboys and self defence systems that i find not based in reality or have complex moves
I need it to be simple, easy to learn and highly effective

when you lives on the line it needs to work
I was impressed with the ISR matrix course designed by police and security officer with martial arts background and included military tactics
Took the techniques that works distilled them down, tested them again and again to come up with a core set of moves and lots of add on modules for law enforcement and military

but see for yourself
this is a review of ISR  matrix