Pressure tests

I run classes in 3 ways

command and mastery - show you the technique have you practice it on you own

skill development - hitting pads and blocking strikes to add power and repetition

combat scenarios - show you how to use the tactic under real conditions

I like to use pressure test - it helps you see that the technique works and forces you to apply it under combat battle conditions, it stresses you out, just like when you are attacked

students say i couldnt think, punches were raining down on me, the training was taking over, did it look good no its was ugly but i didnt get my head knock off

this is real life, these no time out, circumstance can change in split seconds, lightning fast attacks I need to survive you need simple effective and battle tested tactics and you need to have experienced all out fight chaos

we do it in a safe way
for example we will have safety officer stand by making sure that no on eis gooding to run into walls or others nad make sure that their small group is controlled and no injuries

I once did a advanced driving course
we were ask to drive at 80 km an hour on an oily and wet road and then in the special car forced into spin and slide in order to help you through
I said if i saw that on the road i would be slowly down
instructor said yes but we are forcing the pressure of the real situation so you will be prepared

lately we have been doing multiple attacker scenarios to increase the pressure we have limited the area the defender can move in now attacker can only attack using a zombie stance but the nice control and easy practice move suddenly become high stakes games and the tactic i have taught start coming out also gives them the opportunity to adapt as the heat is turned up

ever heard quizzes on the radio and thought i can answer those question and person in the game box is nervous, cant answer the question, is flustered and the pressure is too much. in the spot light is different than being on the side line.

we train as we mean to play
we stress you apply pressure and make it real for you benefit
so you can safely make it home