common weapons

people use weapon for 3 reason

increase distance - longer range a stick adda n extra 30 cm to 2m even a small knife may add 3cm to your reach

more power - sticks and bats are harder, blades and edged weapons including broken glass, razors, knife, screwdrive and axes are sharp and cut, stab and slash

mental edge - you pull a weapon ie a knife peopel are afraid, they see a gun in they face they shit themselves they mind goes mushy and doesnt think straght

common items can be great weapon they are legal to carry, most of us have them on our person and take very little to use as aweapon

best weapon
no not a gun or a knife or even a stick or bat

best weapon is a torch
you can use it to illuminate dark area where attacker may be hiding
shine it in their face to blind them so you can either hit them and/or escape
if the torch is big enough and one about the same size as you hand can used to strike

second best a pen
strike up the arm starting forearm then upper arm then neck

mobile phone or hair brush and even a credit or atm card even keys

all above weapon hold in fist so item stick out bottom of hand
strike like you hand is a hammer

what nothing special no triple spinning fliping thing
no just the same technique for all weapons
hold in hand smash it into attacker

note on key many people say take keys poke them though fingers an punch
i say dont be stupid
firstly if you hit something ike this you will break your fingers
secondly who has the time to do this is a fight
grab and strike

if you hav keys out before you leave building and have them in you hand like you are ready to insert it in lock or ignition
you can use this to pole their eyes
again nothing fancy aor flashy just simple easy to do highly effective tactics