The 6 Hards Truths

Are you prepared for a Real World Violent Encounter?

6 Hard Truths
1) Fighting is messy attackers don’t wait, or have mercy or follow the nicey-nice rules. No referees to stop the fight, no tap outs, no illegal techniques. Its all fair on the streets, biting scratching, hair pulling, and eye pokes all good tactics.

2) Most street attacks often start explosively, with little or no warning. Most attacks happen lightning fast and are over in 20 second or less, often bloody and brutal with animalistic violence and savagery.

3) Most systems are worthless on the street. There are no rules, none at all. There are no points, just a continued flurry of frenzied hands and feet. No breaks or timeouts, no ready set go. Attackers do not follow a system, they use dirty tricks. Strikes come from all angles, their goal is to finish you quickly and even take your life, they don’t care that you are a black belt.

4) One punch is not going to stop someone, train to deliver multiple strikes. Target life support and vital systems - eyes, throat, ears, groins. Keeping going until they are no longer a threat, the bad guys do, and so can you. Just keep hitting over and over until you can escape safely.

5) This is not Hollywood, forget that spin kick, keep it simple. In an attack you forget every thing, but gross movements. Aim to diminish and neutralise the threat fast. Every part of your body is a weapon. No one cares if its perfect, but was it effective.

6) The reality is street attack can be absolutely terrifying. Be prepared to be hit, be prepared to engage them and their buddies. Be prepared to go against weapons of all sorts- bottles, blades, bricks and sticks. Train for less than favourable positions and train to inflict as much damage as you can. Your instructor never told you that.

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