using locks and holds

this is not a basic self defence tactic
in the basic i will teach you to escape locks and holds

why use lock and hold
for people like police and security locks and hold are part of their every day skill requirement
they need to escort people out or hold them so they dont injury others, the officer or themsleves. Striking back is not seen as the done thing, and will land them in inquiry about their actions

i have used them many times at party to subdue a drunk mate, and escort them out or get them to calm down where striking them is not appropiate

in every day attacks a person must get close to us to grab us
firstly if you are aware dont let them get that close
secondly if they are close dont let them grab you
if failing that as soon as they do grab pull away fast and hard before they get a chance to secure a good hold
quick jab to eye with fingers then pull away is a great defence