locks and holds

in order for someone to grab you they have to get close
two ways they do it distraction, you talk to one guy and any walks up behind you
deception hi am new in the city can you show me on this map where the train stations is
you see sure and get close and reach for the map now you are close enough to grab

if someone is close eough to grab you you can step back
you can also block them as they attempt to grab prevent them from getting any grip

if they have grabbed you react fast
quickly and strongly pull arm back before they get a good hold

oops you are too slow
people grab you for 2 reasons
move you - push or pull or take you to another place
hold you so they or others can strike you

number one thing to do raise hands
this forms a barrier and gives you a chance to defend strikes or head butts
we can then strike our selves i like an eye poke
and dont just think of striking the body or head
everyone always forgets to strike the hand that holding them

we then use this to escape from the hold once you have escaped dont just stand there run away no good waiting for them to grab or strike you again
if in doubt strike

last tactic and a much more advanced one is to apply your own locks and hold
a strategy employed by police, millitary and security around the world ( it does take alot of practice to do this - unless you need to do becasue of your job striking is your best option)