learning needs to lead to automatic responses

repeat movements over and over until you can do it without thinking
like driving a car you start slow you learning the different actions you repeat them over and over
first you you need to think about each movement
to change lanes
you check mirrors
you check your blindspot
you indicate
check again
turn wheel and slide into spot

each one of those actions has many movements
ask a beginner to check mirrors and there are a lot of movements to check rear vision and side movements
ask some one who been driving a while its glance it very simple and people dont think about they just do it
its like a autopilot

you must learn the movements then repeat them often to create a pathway what people call muscle memory
you say walk over there people just get up and do it
no thinking left first pick up leg breathe move it forward breathe out place down breathe in adjust weight
they have been doing it for so long they just do it

self defence need to be the same
you need a simple easy and highly effective tactic then repeat until you can do it even under pressure
i like the 5 finger spear
spread you hand jab and poke any finger in your attacker eyes

but if you have not practiced this under pressure you could never perform it
but practice it for only a minute a day for week you will be able to perform it much better in attack
practice it under real world stress conditions
and if you you are ever attacked your muscles just fire to reproduce that which you trained to do

this happens in any sport or action
after lots of repeated movements like shooting a 3 point shot with someone waving their arms in your face like a crazy person time and time again at practice you can do it in a games
its a trained conditioned response

i often ask people
do you know what to do in an attack
they say something like poke them in the eye, punch them in the throat or kick them in the groin
do you know which body parts to use yeah fingers, fist or knee
do you train to do that
their response oh when it come to that i will know what to do
so i increase the intensity
i apply the pressure to see what happens i only have to grab their arm and pull them
most common response is they freeze and they get scared both natural responses
i have even had ladies cry and men panic
very few have mustered any defence those that have have had training in any thing any style
and very few of those could muster an effective defence that is they could safely escape this is simple arm grab few harsh words and they know i am showing them stuff not really attacking them
know what if its a guy grabbing you in the car park at lunch time yelling at you to give him your keys and your purse
you fear is 100 times, your heart is racing at 200 beats a minute you have tunnel vision your hearing is shut down
you cant do fine motor skills, adrenaline is dropped into you system in readiness to flight or fight
but it waiting for you brain to tell it what to its in freeze mode and not responding
you are in trouble, deep trouble
you want to get out alive, a little training will give you skills to deal wih it
just like walking, driving you ca on the freeway while talking to friends and eating a hamburger or shooting baskets in the grandfinal while being double teams

keeping you safe on the streets