4 things you need to know about real world self defence

1 be aware this is where self defence really starts. Look around, switch your radars on.
If you drive a car you look in the mirrors all the times to check traffic conditions, do the same walking or sitting around to be aware is to be alive

2 most martial arts classes are not self defence even if they say so
yes you can use many of the techniques but it is not set up to teach you to deal with attacks
often they indicate self defence aspects at the end of a class or you have to look for it
we set up common street attacks and then give you tactics to defend them

3 there is no points, time outs, referees or tapping out
oh i punched you in the nose you are bleeding, sorry about that lets get you some medical attention ,
nope not happening in the real world they keep on attacking you until you are incapicated or dead no one stepping in to stop the fight
there is no such thing as an illegal move hey he's not wrestling fair he's striking, that not like i learnt in the class where is the perfect straight shot, why is it coming in at a funny angle
why isnt he stopping when clearly i have punched him in the arm, he cant kick below the belt thats not fair
eye poke, groin shots, hair pulling, biting, mutliple hits that are really fast and destroy you perfect martial sport guard are all weapons used and we can teach you to use them too
no points just brutial animalistic violence that happens lightning quick approx time 20 -30 seconds we teach nothing fancy, just what works on the street

4 training overcomes fear
many people tell me they know what to do and where to hit someone if attacked, i ask them if they train, most nop dont train
then i put them under pressure, ie i grab or strike them (even under controlled conditions - slow and light- and even against trained martial artist) the first thing that happens is the fear takes hold and they freeze. i teach you to use the other two conditions flight or fight both need training

bonus point
2 minute self defence lesson
a friend was going to europe for a trip, she keep saying i am coming to classes, i am coming no really
we are at the airport she is going i am sorry i didnt get to classes
no problem but here is a 2 minute lesson practice over and over until its automatic
she used it 3 times to get out of situations
the eye poke
jab some hard in the eye spread all 5 fingers and aim for the eye
have a frined hold up their hand or a pillow and practice
you need no strength, you can do it for many positions
after you poke them in the eye run, dont hang around RUN