the scariest thing....

the scariest thing ....
an attack with a edged weapon

edged weapons could be knife, blade , machette, shank, screwdriver, razor, broken bottle, syringe, axe, ice pick and sword

they dont jam or run out of bullets
they can be hidden in many places on the body including pocket, belt, up sleeve, around the neck, in shoulder holster or even in boot
its not often displayed in the open like the movies, it is often not seen until its jammed in you guts or slashing your face

a friend of mine got attacked be his partners ex, he didnt see it until it slice him 3 times across the face and once across the shoulder

a 2 inch (5cm) blade can kill

often used in rapid fire and stabbign techniques like a piston,
its one of the reason you hear on the news a bloke was stabbed 17 times the attacker is in a frenzy and just rapid and violence slashes and stabs.

want a test on how dangerous
hang up a piece of steak and attack it with a knife see what damage can be done
no meat, use a piece of cardboard

most attacks witha knife often occur in domestic situation party or bbq or violent encounter in the kitchen
why people grab weapons and in the kitchen knifes a readily available

the best thing to do is grab hold of the knife hand
the hardest thing to do is grab hold of the weapon hand learn to block, deflect and parry while delivering strikes and kicks

you will get cut knife defence is about wound minimization

threats come in 2 forms static threats or dynamic threat ( slashing/ stabbing -moving )

the best place to take cuts is the outside off your arms so turn you hands on so they face you
if you watch news or csi shows you will hear them mention defesive wounds these are cut on you arms while trying to fend off the attacker