the myths

myth - attack only happen at night in way out places

reality - 65% happen in daylight in public area

myth - an attacker is a bum, drunk and smells bad

reality - anyone can be an attacker, people are often taken in be the guy cut, shaven nice guy

myth - it will never happen to me

reality - an attack in perth wa happens every 90 sec, ladies one in 4 people will be attacked

myth - its someone i dont know

reality - 50% happen by someone we know

myth - attack only happen by drunks or perverts

reality - people attack you are under the influence could be alcohol, drugs, love, sex, break up, bad day, lost job, hate boss, power trip, death in family, divorce, lust, anger, fear, peer pressure, big man syndrome and more

myth - attack mainly happen on the street in bad loactions, i dont go there

reality - many attacks happen at home or someone elses home like a party where you know more than 50% of the people personally and often occurs for alcohol relates or people dynamics (see above)