to be aware is to be alive

look around always

you need your radars on
when you drive your car you look ahead, look left and right and in you mirror
and you check your blind spot

if you are walking or going places do the same thing
if you can see trouble or potential danger you escape or avoid
or if necessary prepare grab improvised weapons
calm yourself and then talk to them

self defence starts well before the punch and kick are thrown or they grab you
awareness is the key
check your environment
this also stops you from falling on uneven ground, running into others or objects, walking through wet areas and puddles

as well as indentifying possible threats and danger, stranger approaching, aggressive behaviour that may come your way, thieves and even just uncomfortable situations

there are 3 conditions

yellow - caution possible danger think of yellow slippery floor signs, you note possible bad area then walk around or take care
area include stairs, doorway, dark spots and car parks

orange - think traffic flashing at you, take notice, take action now,
orange conditions include such things someone following you, swearing and yelling, pushing, dirty looks, approaching close to you and even using distracting techniques such as do have the time, or change for parking (i am not saying dont give them the time, but be alert, questions like this can get the close enough to grab you, and it can happen in the day not just at night)
if its does feel right or you feel scared, its probable not get out NOW

in both yellow and orange first step escape and avoid
walk around puddle, avoid dark spot or shrub they can ambush you from

in the orange level raise your hands and start to talk and if necessary verbal fence them
ask them loud to back off you dont want any trouble

red level - this is extreme danger
to late to leave, talk fast but the punch is coming or they have grabbed you
engage your life is in danger now, you need to strike fast strike hard and get the hell out of there
there are no more options