On the floor......

Ground Survival has three parts -

1. Safely Landing - using break fall and rolls if you trip and fall, push to the ground or are thrown.

2. Defensive actions from the ground - covering up and shielding to avoid be hurt or knocked out and deal some damage using strikes and kicks.

3. Safely getting up - regaining your standing position quickly and safely, without exposing our self to strikes and kick as we get up.

I spend lots of time teach people to do the same things over and over. Land safely, ball defense, then bicycle kick then tactical get up. Regardless of the situation we repeat the same tactics and work on ways to get there. If you have few options, you start to work your way to that result. This is is the fundamentals that we add to.

Remember we are looking to escape and safely get home. Its not a wrestling match or UFC championship bout where we have to hang about. Stun and run. And if we are on the ground we need to get back up.

Land safely, ball defense, bicycle kick and get up and escape.