Multiple Attackers

Today lets break down the ways many people could attack you
(this is base format to make it easy to identify the attack, to help you make defensive strategy)

1. All from the front
2. Front and back
3. Front and side
4. Hold and Attack (where one grab you so the others can strike you)
5. Circling
6. On the ground

There are a couple of ways that they could approach and if you are aware you would switch position and get one of the above.

1 Side to side face one and now it front and back
2. Side and back turn now its front and side
3. All from behind turn and now its all front

Now someone always says what if they sneak up on you and king hit you and it does matter if it one on one or group of 3 or a gang of 20 there is not a lot to do if you dont see them.  If the first attack doesnt knock you out, cover up and start to work your way out to safety.

In multiple attackers I still apply the rule move, control , destroy.
I also use SMS rule
S - stack and shield - use object like tables, car , chair and even their buddy to shield by stacking them in line to make it hard for them all to attack you at once.
M- move, move, move and keep moving hit, strike and ipoke, but dont be a stationary target.
S - stay standing, we do not what to be on the ground, stay on your feet. If you are on the ground, we need to get back to standing swiftly and safely.

This SMS rule stop us from doing the Jackie Chan movie moves and stand in the middle and fight from there.  This is bad, Bad, BAD. you will not be able to deal with all the arms and legs with the limited weapon, namely 2 arm and 2 legs. Its now 4 arms and 4 legs agaisnt your 2.