Escaping the car park trap

Here is the situation

You park you car in the carpark
You are approached from the front (and the only exit) by 2 or more attackers

There is no room to move and the escape route is blocked
Stun and run is going to be our best bet.

Now the attackers are going to try 3 things
(attackers are not stupid)
They will try to block your escape.
They will try to grab you to overpower you. Either to hold and strike or take you somewhere.
They will try to strike you.

Lets say there are 2 attackers
They have 4 arms and 4 legs to your 2 arm and 2 legs so they are outgunning you.

If you were aware and saw them early you wouldnt have gotten out of the car and drove away. Or you would escaped from the dead end corridor to give you more escape options.

So now you are left with 2 options
Talk and verbal fence to de-escalate or draw attention.
Bad scary news there is no one around and they are still coming

We need to safely escape.
We have 3 options to escape
and all the options will result in the above 3 things happening
you are running out of back up room in 3 more steps you will be pinned against the wall
so Stun and Run it is
so we may strike, i-poke and i-shred on the way out, but we still need to escape.

Three routes to escape
1 Between an attacker and the car - however in stopping you from escaping they will try to bump, check and smash you into the car
2. Pass between the two attackers - they will try to strike and grab you.
3. Charge an attacker - greater chance they may grab you or strike you.

These are the 3 routes and in order to make it effective as possible
1. Use the element of surprise
2. Protect your head as you leave - the helmet is the best thing i can teach you and the very best thing to use.
3. Do it fast and do it hard
4. If grabbed strike and continue to leave

All the escape points have bad points, but you need to go and go now. Dont stop to think about it Helmet up and burst through and run.

Below is the situation. No escape to rear and car in the way sideways.
Very narrow, high possibility of being smashed into a car.

Whats a Helmet you ask see picture in earlier post or better still come down to Free class and learn

When it happens to you be ready, be prepared and be safe.