which way? .........

Footwork is all important

I teach Move, Control, Destroy
I always say if there is a car coming towards you, what do you do?

Get out of the way.
There are only three ways to move against any attack

Back, into or away

You can step back, creating space to avoid the strike or kick.  this one people do naturally to avoid things.  We make it part of your defence.  Biggest problem is an attacker can move faster forward than you can move back. So after a couple of steps backwards we are losing ground and need to get off line.

So we start to teach you to move in.  Closing the distance and intercepting the power and attack.  That now allows us to start the control potion of our defense..

We can also teach you to step away from the power.  Ever had some someone take a friendly swipe at you and you avoid by leaning in the same direction  as the slap. Their attack come from the left, you move right.  This is away from.

We step back, step into or step away this is the first part of our defense.  Its the move phase.  Stay tuned for the other phases.

Until then stay alert and stay safe.