Martial Arts does not prepare you for the REAL World

Martial arts does not prepare you for the street

in the last few days i have had several people tell me i am safe
 i train pink flamino kung fu, tae kwon do, aikido, zen style karate, break boards karate, smash bricks karate, teh other style of tae kwon do, bjj, mma, muay thai, cage fighting, deadly snake eagle kung fu, jeet kune do and who fung dun.

so i ask the next question how often do you train
 oh when i was doing it.....about once a week
 so are still training
 no to busy dancing, zumba, yoga or got kids now

if you you got attack what would you do
 most common answers
 poke in eyes, smash in throat and kick in groin (notice no one said they would run)
 do you train that
 no but if i got attacked it would be there

so i up the level and apply pressure
 without warning i grab their wrist and yank it hard and pull them toward the door (about 50 percent effort) and yell abuse and stuff at them (real world issues)

they have no idea what to do, oops their training not kicking in
 or their excuse i knew it wasnt a real attack you are just too nice a guy

Train like you life depends on it because it does.

Stay Safe and to class or organise a self defence party at your place. Dont be a victim.