Improvised weapons come in 6 sorts

icall them 5 S's and an F

Stick - any long and stick  used as an impact device like including spanner, hammer, shovel , broom, tongs, barbie mate and bats etc.

Sharps - anythign designed to puncture, cut and slash including knife, machette, needle, broken bottle, razor, screw driver and shank

Stone - used to either throw at people or hammer on them like bricks, coins, books, dvds, ashtrays, nic nacs and toys

Shooters - things that fire projectile guns bow slingshot blowguns

Shields any thing you can use to block and cover yourself including bags, laptops, coats, chairs and tshirt also immovable object that can stop an attacker getting to you like a table, couch, a car or even a bus stop shelter

lastly the F
for flexible things at bend and can be slung around to cause damage like nunchuckas, rope, chains, belts, necklaces, towel with weith in it and power cords

when faced with an attacker, you start grabbing for the nearest thing (if safe to do so) you then dont have much time to figure out how to use them

and the old rule still applies
its stun and run
its not a ufc fight you dont have to hang around

Next lesson Facing a Blade. STay tuned