The biggest self defene NO NO

This is the biggest self defence No NO ever taught

I dont know where it came from.

People always say to me
 When I go to my car I put my keys between my fingers in case i get attacked or if attacked i would do this

 One - if you hit someone like this your chnaces of breaking your hand are very high

Two - if you try to set this up under pressure you will never do it

Three - you cant use the key as you are surpost to to open the door to you car or house

And now you are saying how

Stand by for you next issue coming soon for the answer

Or come down to class

Cant make to classes, feel comfortable at your house, then forget tupperware parties, hold a kick ass self defence party. You invite your friends, put on coffee, nibbles ,drinks, bbq or full dinner. We come to your place and teach you awareness, personal safety and self defence in real situation. Lots of fun, functional and potential live saving.

Stay Safe. Be Aware. Be Prepared.