Its not a play fight....

You tripped over..... grab someone as you fell
You were pushed.... you hold on a drag them down
He knocked you down....and then he follow you down to give you beating
He Crash tackled you.... on top do the ground and pound
He threw you on the floor to rape you.......and hes pawing at your breasts

What ever way you got there both you and the attacker are now on the floor.

This is not a mma match, its a life and death struggle on the ground

maybe hes holding you down, raining punches down on you face or trying to rip you clothes off.

Learn basic moves so you can quickly escape and get back to your feet.

This month is GROUND SURVIVAL what to do when both partys are on the floor

Learn how to use elbows, knees, hammer fist and I-Shreds to turn the table
Learn Basic wrestling moves in combination with the above to get the edge to escape
Learn to apply the devastating bicycle kick to inflict brutal damage
Learn the stuff that BJJ doesn't teach in a sport combat class and you definitely cant use in a competition
And why its nasty and it hurts and in tournaments most are illegal.