Being afraid

Lots of situations can be avoided

however people get afraid to move or leave then get stuck in a bad circumstance

if your radar goes from green to yellow or orange leave area or move

for instance you are at a bus stop waiting of the 4 15
you see a strange man walking towards you and you feel uneasy
but you are too afraid to move in case you look silly or foolish or just scared

one take a deep breath
prepare to move
and prepare to defend yourself
it may be nothing but get ready
look around where can you exit to

but i really need to catch this bus to get home to go to work or catch up with my friend becasue hes giving me a lift to coolest party of the year

some simple strategies you can use
1 stand up and check for the bus then move around like you are stretching
2 walk over to the rubbish bin
3 get out your mobile phone and head for a quieter area to make a call
4 get up and look in shop window

all of these are natural things you may do
but put is you in better position

if may be nothing he may just be catching the same bus but if you are standing you are in a better position to defend yoursefl than sitting

move as soon as you can
you can also put the sea tof the rubbish bin between you and him givign you a natural shield

stay safe